ministry vision

I had a great lunch today with some awesome people. By the way, the food was wonderful at the Adriatic Grill. I had my favorite item there - lentil soup. Yummy! Anyhow, that's not what I'm writing about. I had the opportunity to meet a couple in our church who came through the military. As we talked, they shared their hearts and calling, to one day pioneer a ministry that reached out to the homeless. What inspired me is to hear how God plants seeds of ministry in the hearts of people that may take years before the fruit ever comes to pass. My friend shared how the Lord had dropped this calling into her heart when, as a child, she would walk to school and had to navigate through all the homeless on her way to and from school.
Some lessons I think we can all learn from their story are:
  1. Ministry vision can take years to come to pass, so be patient.
  2. Though the vision may take years to come to pass, serve where you are and see the unexpected fruit comes to pass, as well as relationships that years later may lead to the fulfillment of the dream.
  3. She is currently studying to get her Masters Degree in an appropriate field of study to prepare her.
Ultimately, we need to be able to wait for the vision, but waiting is not being idle. Patience, mixed with service, mixed with preparation, bring about the vision.
The lentil soup was amazing, but the conversation was inspirational.