met a guy

Met a Guy

With my computer out, my black Bible out, my notebook out and my ear plugs in I began my customary Sunday message prep at my favorite Starbuck this morning.

As I was working a guy came by my seat and noticed my Bible out.  People’s eyes often look and settle on the fact that there is a Bible out, so this was nothing unusual, and most of the time people just look away.  Today was not the case and this guy smiled and gave me the thumbs up sign and walked away. 

Later this same guy walked over and introduced himself. He told me he loved seeing the Bible out and that he was a Pastor in a local church. I of course reciprocated and mentioned that I too was a Pastor and that I pastored in Tacoma at Trinity Church. He gave me his card and said we should get together for coffee sometime.  He then walked off with his wife into the beautiful sunshine.

This encounter made me wonder what it is that other people think that have walked by me seeing the Bible out and quickly look away. I am sure many of them thought nothing at all. I'm sure some were Christians and thought happily about it. I'm sure some saw the Bible and thought that it had been awhile since they read it. I'm sure some saw the Bible and cringe inside because they felt some sort of conviction by the plain sight of it. And I suppose there are still others who see it and feel anger because they are opposed to the message of the Bible.
I have to admit that as I look at the Bible I have had a variety of thoughts over the years just by looking at it.
How amazingly powerful is this book called the Holy Bible that by just looking it can illicit so many varied responses.

May we do more than look at it and think thoughts, may we pick it up and read it so that it might shape our thoughts.


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