march madness

For college basketball fans there is no reason to explain what the term “March Madness” means. For those of you a little less acquainted with college basketball let me explain. It is that time of year when 64 basketball teams are selected to play in a tournament over three weekends to crown the new national champion in college basketball. If you win 5 games in a row you are the national champion. If you lose once you are out. The great thing about the tournament, and why it is given the term March Madness, is because there are so many games going on at once all over the country and many of those games become last minute nail biters. Another great part of the tournament is that there are schools that may have an attendance of 10,000 students competing against schools of some 40,000 in attendance and therein lays the excitement, as certain teams take on a “Cinderella” or “Under Dog” status. It’s always so exciting when a team that is not supposed to win knocks off some bigger more popular school that is expected to win. Thus the “March Madness” term is born.
I think March Madness can be much like life. However we don’t seem to look at it with the same excitement as we do at basketball. Our lives like “March Madness” have a lot going on all at the same time in many different areas.  We face the full court press of family, work, friends, finances, activities etc. and it seems that so many of these things going on in our lives are coming down to the very last second as we try to manage them all.
Although we might like life to be a bit calmer the madness of life is where some of our greatest stories come from as we as Cinderella’s and Underdogs overcome the odds stacked against us to see the victory. As a matter of fact, that sounds a lot like the Easter story as Jesus overcame the odds of death on the cross to rise from the grave and set man free from there sin.
So don’t let the March Madness part of life get you down. Pull up a chair and grab some popcorn and see the exciting finish to the game that you and Christ together will pull out in the end