"For God so loved the world that he gave......." John 3:16

On this Valentine’s Day people will be giving all kinds of gifts. Today is a chocolate maker and florist’s dream as many rush out to express their love by the giving of gifts. I am all for it! My
wife still likes to try and sneak my Valentine’s gift into my car to find in the morning, or into my office. She does the same for our kids living at home.

Giving is surely a sign of love, and according to John 3:16, it is THEE sign of love. True love is able to give from pure motives, not expecting anything in return. It is a love unfettered by selfishness,
need or desire. It is strong enough to stand alone in spite of pain or no promise of reward. It is truly "free" love.

What it leaves behind, the consequences if you will, are only good—never destructive, never wrong. That is not to say that it doesn't hurt.

Jesus knew great pain because of love and wept often because of love. But His love was so pure it radicalized the world one heart at a time.

Lord, help us to learn to love better.



Posted by Kathy De Monnin on February 25, 2013
Getting ready to listen to message from yesterday and thought I'd read latest blogs too - This was really good. Very thankful for your teaching P. Rollie
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