love your enemies

Last week I preached out of Luke 6:27 where Jesus commands us to love our enemies. I don't remember a time recently where a message garnered so much response. It seemed to be a challenge for us to get beyond the love that is based on the principle of reciprocity, which is loving because we have an agreed upon commitment for our mutual benefit. Jesus tells us however, that that kind of love is no different than what sinners do.
The kind of love Jesus calls us to is one that can't be done on our own strength, understanding, or ability. It truly has to be spirit driven and spirit empowered.

As I sit here typing this I have more questions than answers about how this command can be carried out in light of all the trouble in the world and all the hurt we cause one another. So, I simply have to live one day at a time in the light of Jesus' love for me. That is my best model for loving others.


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