longest day

Yesterday was the longest day of the year! That statement, depending on your frame of reference, is generally not seen as good. However, yesterday - it was great as "the longest day of the year" also applies to the summer solstice which means it was literally "The Longest Day of the Year!" Not only that, it was BEAUTIFUL out!

This got me to thinking how typical that is of life. Our "frame of reference" can change everything. Frame of reference is defined in Webster's as, "A set of ideas, conditions or assumptions that determine how something will be approached, perceived or understood." Boy, how true is that? Frame of reference can make something happy or sad, funny or offensive, good or bad, etc., etc.

It has been said that you can make unhappy people happy for a little while, but they will return to their original state and be unhappy again soon. Conversely, you can make happy people sad but they too, in a little while, will return to their original state and be happy again. It just depends on their frame of reference. Are they happy people or unhappy people?

Imagine if we would all choose to make our frame of reference based in Faith, Hope and Love
(1 Cor.13:13). What would life be like if everyone we bumped into, associated with, related too, worked with and lived with had a frame of reference of Faith, Hope and Love? Awesome right?

Webster’s says it refers to a "set of ideas, conditions, or assumptions.” Imagine if all my assumptions were framed by Faith Hope and Love? Wow, how different would my days and relationships be!

I can't control your frame of reference but I can work on choosing mine, disciplining mine, and cultivating mine.

What’s your frame of reference


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