Jesus cares about you

I stayed around the church last night for most of the youth service. As I was standing in the back as Dan led the youth service, a man I didn't know walked into the auditorium and was looking to sit down. He was clearly rattled and a little confused. Upon realizing it was a youth service, he quickly looked to leave and seemed a little disappointed we didn't have any adult service for him to sit in on, and getting up on Sunday morning did not seem to appeal to him either. He wasn't too interested in talking, but mentioned how he was back in the area and grew up staring at the "Jesus Cares About You" sign and wanted to see what went on in there.

It made me think how glad I am that we have that sign shining out over the city, and how the Holy Spirit uses it to speak to people’s hearts. It also saddened me to think how often, when the sun goes down and people are wrestling with life, that they see that sign shining out and pull up to see if they can come inside, and they turn away disappointed.

I am not saying we are supposed to have a service each night of the week. But I am saying we should be constantly aware that we can come and go from that building, but the needs that pass by our doors are constant.

May the Lord help us as we seek to reach our city, and ask God to show us how we can extend His love in personal ways.



Posted by Patty Irish on October 18, 2012
I have been processing this since I read the blog a few weeks ago. It really hits home for me in so many ways. I have invited many friends who seem very interested in attending Sunday service, but they work Sundays. I also know folks in our church that work Sundays and are unable to attend. It brings a smile to my face because I firmly believe this man was sent on that specific nite to spark this very converstaion or calling that we all need to strongly pray about. Some of us need extra doses of being around belivers who are walking with God.
Posted by Julie Hoefer on September 20, 2012
I like it! Wanted to share with you that a minister came and sat in on our bible study today. She saw our sign and felt God pulling her off the road and into our church. We were all blessed by her presence today. Funny the things that sign will do :)
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