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While studying today, a Jehovah Witness noticed my open Bible and came over to try and evangelize me by offering me some of their material. I politely turned her offer down. We talked
for a bit and I shared that I was a Pastor at Trinity Church, and she was very "happy" to hear that, and basically implied that we Christians needed to stick together. She then dismissed herself.

Church, we have NO fundamental agreement with Jehovah Witnesses and they, of course agree with that statement, but use the word Christian, scripture, Jesus to open up dialogue in an attempt to bring us to them, thus their readiness to hand us there Watchtower Magazine.

Let me outline some serious differences:

They do NOT believe in the Trinity, which is common in most false faiths, which is why we must uphold it.

They do Not believe Jesus was fully man and fully God, but was created by God as the archangel Michael, but became the son of God when he, the angel, became man on earth.

They do Not believe in Jesus’ bodily resurrection from the dead.

They do NOT believe we are saved by grace alone.

They do NOT believe that all believers go to heaven, only 144,000, and the rest stay on earth.

They believe Jesus’ second coming already took place in 1914.

They will sell a message that we have so much in common, but not at all.

Know what you believe!

A great site for quick answers in regard to other faiths and the Christian faith is


Posted by Marguerite on February 28, 2013
Unfortunately my oldest sister who has been Jehovah witness for 60 years as all her 4 children and grand children are also. They now say that the 144,000 has gone up to what I do not know. Go figure they can not and do not understand the Bible because they have created their own and that is the way they believe. She would not go to her own Mothers funeral because my Mother was a Christian and the funeral was in the Church and they are not allowed in a church but a funeral home is okay. I just pray for them what else can we do.
Posted by Aloha on February 28, 2013
"I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but through Jesus"! Reconciled by the blood of Jesus,no other way for the remission of sins, not by merit just by grace, such is the love of our Abba Father. Should have laid hands on the person and prayed. heehee.
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