"it's coming!"

I've had a lot of conversations about how wet and cold it has been this year and how long Spring is taking to get here. I've heard of gardens not blooming, I've heard of tomato plants dying. My own freshly re-seeded lawn has large patches of no growth as the seed and soil was washed out by the storm a couple weeks ago. And now they are saying that we are only 5 days away from 80 degree temperatures. I am all for it and very ready to break out some shorts and sunglasses (though I'm not sure you will be ready to see my stark white and pale looking legs).
This long awaited Spring season is on it's way and it reminds me of all the other things in our lives that we are waiting for. All of us have things we that we are waiting for; things that we are asking God to do or bring or stop or accomplish. The hard part in the waiting is just the waiting, as life around us does not stop and wait with us. And even worse, just like my yard, our situations can get worse while we are waiting. Waiting is hard because you feel helpless. Waiting is hard because no one else can take your place in the wait. Waiting is hard because you have good reason to believe that what you're waiting for should have already come but it just hasn’t. 
There is no science or easy formula for waiting but let me take a shot at giving some thoughts on how to wait as best you can:
1.    Do your best to focus on other things.
2.    Stay thankful for the many other things that have come to pass in your life that you currently are enjoying.
3.    Invest yourself in serving others who are waiting for things themselves.
4.    Do your best to move forward in your life and not be frozen by what you are waiting for.
5.    Finally and obviously, continue to pray, read the Word, and worship.
Take heart, Spring is coming! It's on it's way, I promise!