"it's a wrap"

Well, Christmas is over; it’s a wrap. It is amazing how many preparations go into it and then it’s over all too fast. Annette has given me the dreaded news that tonight I need to bring in all the Christmas storage bins and begin to take all the decorations down inside and out. This is my least favorite part of Christmas, but I find some symbolism in this process. We are not only wrapping up Christmas, we are also wrapping up a year and beginning a new one. Is there anything that is going on in your life or something that happened this past year that you need to take down and put away? I bet there probably is for all of us. Some of these things that we need to put away have been left out far too long, like the person who still has their Christmas lights on the house in May. Something about that just looks really wrong.
Of course the real strategy should be to put those things away and then get rid of the bin all together, not to ever bring those things out again. So, as you take down some decorations and store them away, examine what should be put away in your life, heart or mind and get rid of it for good. 2018 here we come!