I had an interesting experience today watching a scene take place. As I was sitting in a crowded coffee shop doing some work, I observed two men in what appeared to be a business meeting and they were apparently done with their coffee. They were sitting in the only two comfy armchairs in the store. Many of the tables and chairs were full but there remained a few spots, but not nearly as appealing as the comfy side chairs by the window. A few minutes later, two ladies buy and receive their drinks from the coffee bar and turn to see where to sit. One lady sets her eyes on the comfy chairs and clearly wants to sit there for a chat with her friend. The two men continue on with their meeting and the women stands nearby glaring at them, and I mean glaring. It is that look that says, "By the sheer power of my glare you will get up out of those chairs so I can have them." But the glare doesn’t work. After several sighs that have no affect, she approached the men and asked if they were done, that her and her friend would like their seats. The men say they are not done but would be soon. The woman declared that they will be sitting right over there and they will take their seats when they leave. The men look bewildered and politely say "OK?"

The attempt and purpose of the woman seemed obvious. She actually was hoping that the two men would feel ashamed for sitting in those seats and would move to the table, leaving the chairs for the ladies. The men did not move. The ladies walked to the table and sat down, occasionally glaring over at the men. The men did appear to notice the death glare coming at them.

After about 10 to 15 minutes, the men stood shaking hands; the women looked to gather their things and dashed over to the chairs, but simultaneously two new women entered the store and abruptly plopped into the comfy chairs. And these two new ladies didn't even purchase any coffee! The original two women stayed right where they were, apparently conceding that the comfy chairs will not be there on this day. After a few more minutes and a few more glares, the ladies rose and left the store having not obtained the comfy chairs and possibly ruining their coffee experience for the day.

I’m not sure the moral of this story but it sure is funny watching people exhibit behaviors of impatience when they do not get their way. Well it’s funny when it’s not me anyway.