The concept of our identity is a big issue for people. Who we are, what we do, who we belong to, what our talents are, where we live, what we own, or what we have done. Those are all part of what we consider when we think of our identity. Now in today's world you can't buy much or travel too far without showing some sort of proper identification, so we show our driver's license or our passport. That document communicates our legal name and basic info but falls far short of truly passing along our identity.

As we have entered April we are fast approaching Easter, and as I was reading John 18 this week, I came to the passage where Jesus was betrayed and arrested by Judas' kiss.

In verse 4, as the soldiers approach, Jesus steps forward and says, "Whom do you seek?". It goes on to say that they answer, "Jesus of Nazareth". Jesus replies, "I am He."

When Jesus says "I am He", He is saying so much more than simply showing His I.D. He is declaring all that He is, all of His power, and all of His Glory. He is revealing the span all of time and His place as the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

The soldiers are looking for a man from Nazareth and Jesus was revealing that He is so much more than that. Just as it is with us when the clerk asks for some I.D. and we show our license, we are so much more than what is revealed on that small card.

As we get ready for Easter, let your identity be so much more than the temporal realities of this world. Let your identity be shaped and formed by the One who declared "I am He." When it's all said and done, the only part of our identity that will really matter is whether or not we are identified with Him.


Posted by Angela on April 5, 2014
This is right on time Pastor Rollie! As I have been going through the "fire" in my life lately....I have questioned "who am I" many times and have felt as if I lost my identity of who God said I am and started to believe & identify myself through the eyes of others. I now know that it is because of their insecurities and lack what their own at the very core of why i have allowed others to define me and cause me to feel like i was a failure and question what I know God has instill in me as a child of the all might God. I am learning that self identity is shaped by so many facets throughout our lives...(the media of what we should look like, our life accomplishments, our worldly status, through the eyes of our parents, siblings, friends, bosses....BUT what really matters is the identity and relationship we have with our Father who designed us bit by bit before inception....through the womb....throughout our lives....always guiding and shaping who we really are. I am encouraged and confirmed that my identity is not of Man but through the eyes of Jehovah Shalom, my Priest of peace, in God the Almighty!!!
Posted by Bobby clayton on April 4, 2014
Good message! this speaks to my spirit and gives me comfort. It's not what we do or how good I am but it's my identity and relationship with Christ.
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