i want

A little boy around two years old comes into a Starbucks with his mom. Mom is holding his hand as he is stumbling out of sure excitement as they approach the counter where all the food and juices and prepared coffee drinks are. In this refrigerated case are sandwiches, salads, fruit, cheese, oatmeal, as well as cakes, cookies, cake pops, tarts etc. You know what I am talking about, right? Who hasn't seen a Starbucks’ food counter, right?
Anyway, as they approached the display of goodness the little boy, still struggling with his speech and ability to enunciate words, just starts pointing rapidly and randomly at the goodies in the case. He no sooner spots something and starts pointing saying, “Mom! Mom! Mom!” over and over again, than he would spot something else and do the same. He must have spotted and pointed at a dozen things or more, many of which he had no clue what they were, or even if he would really like them. He was just responding to the "I want" nature that resided in him and resides in us.
Mom looked down several times and, without letting go of his hand, would simply and patiently say, “Ok, Ok, Ok.” She then looked up and told the server what she wanted. Then she stepped up to the cash machine and paid as the little boy tried to get a glimpse of what was actually purchased for him. I never got a good look at what mom actually bought, but it fit into a small bag and wasn't anywhere near all of what the little boy’s hand pointed to and wanted.
How that must be what we look like as heaven watches us point at the display case of life and point and cry out, “God! God! God!” We are not even sure of all it is we are asking or have asked God the Father for, or if we are really going to like it. We definitely don't know how much it will cost when God steps up to pay or provide.
As the mom and little boy leave the store, he has long forgotten about what was in the case; he is focused like a laser on the tiny bag in mom's hand. I am sure mom purchased the item she thought was best. I wonder if he ended up liking her choice for him?