hope is a gift

Not sure what to give as a present this year? Let me suggest HOPE. Last night at Trinity Church we sponsored our very first Christmas Outreach. We set up personal invitations for 25 families to come to church and receive a hot meal, decorate cookies, and then the kids were able to go to a room and wrap a present for mom, as well as do some crafts. Moms and dads were able to go to another room and stuff a bag full of stocking stuffers for their kids, pick out two presents for each of their children, as well as a pair of pajamas. There were several moms who welled up with tears of gratitude and joy, as well as dozens of smiling and blessed volunteers who were so blessed to be a part of it. Some of those volunteers were themselves in need of a little help this year at Christmas, but the smiles on their faces, as they were able to give hope to so many, were a pleasure to see.

The gift of hope is what we ultimately dispensed last night. Yes, there were toys, balls, dolls, hats, clothes, trucks, etc., but the most valued gift that went to all of those homes was hope.

As families drove away from Trinity Church last night, they may very well have looked at our sign that declares boldly, "Jesus Cares About You" and maybe, just maybe for the first time in their lives, started to believe that it could be true


Posted by Cindy Bradford on December 19, 2013
I blessed to be part of this last night as a volunteer. I had the joy of helping with the kids in the crafts room where they were also able to shop for mom and dad. I was brought to near tear more than once while helping kids shop for a gift for a parent. The excitement in their eyes. I had more than one child say I get to take this and give to my parent.
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