hope floats

Ok, I'm going to get a bit sappy right now so don't judge me. I watched a cute movie recently. It was called "Hope Floats". It stars Sandra Bullock as a women who's husband has broken his vows, broken her heart and leaves her for another women. In order to deal with her pain she returns to her small hometown where she was the Prom Queen and the popular girl when in high school. She moves back in with her mother and starts to mend. In the process of her life seemingly falling apart she reconnects with old relationships and her formerly strained relationship with her mother is healed.

All in all she puts her life back together and moves on with hope.

The story reminds me of the power of the Hope God gives us and as Romans 5:5 describes, this hope we have "does not disappoint".

Whatever you're going through remember, Hope Floats.


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