"holy week"

This weekend we enter Holy Week. This week we remember and celebrate the wondrous provision of our forgiveness through Christ’s death and resurrection.

This is historically how Holy Week played out in Jesus’ life:

·    Sunday - He enters Jerusalem as King

·    Monday - He cleanses the Temple

·   Tuesday - He debated the Jewish leaders and speaks of His coming again

·   Wednesday - He rested

·   Thursday - He had the last supper with his disciples and Judas betrays him

·   Friday - He is crucified and dies upon the cross

·   Sunday - He arose from the Grave!!

The work of Jesus for us reminds me of the old hymn, "To God Be the Glory." The first verse reads like this:

"To God be the glory, great things He hath done, So loved He the world that He gave
us His Son, who yielded His life our redemption to win."

What a great Salvation we have! It doesn't matter what is currently going on in your life and mine when we have the Good News of Jesus’ love and care for us. He was beaten, bruised, speared,
wiped, nailed, mocked, and betrayed all for our sakes and His glory.

Celebrate Him this week. 


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