hit the light pole

I just had the opportunity to catch up with my son outside our Sumner Starbucks. As we were talking I noticed across the street in the adjacent parking lot that some contractors were cutting up the concrete and made a remark about it. My son proceeds to tell me what they were doing and why. Apparently they had to replace the parking lot light pole because a gentleman ran his SUV into it. He had just dropped off his son at the school and started to depart but while the car was moving he bent over and tried to retrieve something from the floor of his vehicle and lost track of where his vehicle was heading and smashed into the light pole going about 20 mph.

Needless to say the gentleman suffered a severe gash to the head but worse was the embarrassment of crashing into a stationary object, the light pole. My understanding is he will be fine physically and the wound on his head will heal up but the bruised ego may last a bit longer.

And as I was think of the embarrassment of having to tell everyone that you crashed into a parking light pole I had this thought. How often in life have we gotten distracted by life itself and instead of allowing the light pole to guide us we crashed into them. I think God puts light poles along the way to guide us but sometime we choose to crash into them.

God intends to light our way but if need be he will also use those light poles to stop us.

"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" Psalm 119:105


Posted by Elouise on December 16, 2011
You know what, I'm very much iclnnied to agree.
Posted by Missy on December 13, 2011
This is way more helpful than aynhting else I've looked at.
Posted by connor & Julieta mccarthy on September 15, 2011
wow that is so true I know I have hit my fair share of light poles and Im sure there will be plenty more! but the most important thing I think, would be to get back in the car and keep moving forward, or to not let the set back and scars keep you from moving torwards GOD.We need to remember to focus on GOD,not what this world is doing, and HE will direct our path.Thank you Pastor Rollie for being The Light Pole That GOD uses to guide me.
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