I was talking with a friend the other day about a bunch of events that are taking place as well as some events and decisions that had happened in the past and I made the statement, "I hate hindsight".

I didn't mean that we shouldn't learn from the past or that we shouldn't remember certain things from our past. We can just get caught up in a lot of "would have", "could have", and "should have".

A phrase that we are all familiar with is, "Hindsight is 20/20."  It is often a statement that is very true but in that statement there is also a trap.

The trap is that we live in a perpetual sense of regret, guilt or frustration.

Here are a few signs that you might be someone who lives in hindsight:

1. You are afraid of the future because of the past.

2. You feel like you have been cheated out of opportunities and are a little bitter by the past.

3. You continue to repeat the past because that is what you keep focusing on.

4. You talk more about what has happened than where you are headed.

5. Hesitation marks all your decision making.


Posted by Gwen Felizardo on July 23, 2014
So true. The past can nip at our heels but as long as we are moving forward and keeping our eyes on Christ, the past will not overtake or consume us. Christ never wastes our past but uses it as a training tool to hopefully mature us in Him. Great messages on your blog and on Sundays.
Posted by Dana Adams on July 21, 2014
Great food for thought, Pastor Rollie. Maybe the past could be one of those weights mentioned in Hebrews that we're told to ''put off.'' We can learn from the past, but it should never control our future.
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