What a great day we had on Sunday as we talked about HELL. Sounds bazaar that we will connect a great Sunday and the subject of Hell together but I really think the word spoke to us as we looked at what the Bible says in regards to the subject of Hell. I have had some great responses from people regarding this message.  Several said that they could not ever remember ever hearing a sermon on Hell. Others commented on their hope and how Heaven became all the more real to them.  The thing that sticks with me is the challenge we all have in living every day to the fullest but not living for just that day. You know what I mean?  I believe that in light of what the Bible says about eternity I need to live everyday to the fullest but I also need to live it with eternity on my mind.  Kind of the total opposite of the “eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die” mentality.
I hope you have a great week living with your eyes on heaven and your heart fully engaged.