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Ok it’s time for a "Starbucks people watching story.”

So I’m sitting and studying and into the store comes a mom and her little girl (probably 5 years old). They proceed to go order drinks then, after receiving their drinks, they return to the lobby where mom sits down and joins four other women to chat about something. The little girl is invited to sit by mom but gives mom a look that says, “I don't want to” and points to another table in the lobby. Mom walks to the table with her and gives her a little tender speech and leaves the girl alone at her own table. The little girl gets a big smile and looks around the lobby in triumph. She proceeds to pull out of her little purse a picture book and sits happily drinking her Starbucks beverage.

During the time they are here she occasionally looks back at mom who is literally only 10 feet away. Mom regularly looks over at her daughter. A couple of times daughter gets up and walks over to mom to whisper something in her ear, and mom answers and daughter happily returns to her own table and chair.

After a prolonged period of waiting for mom's meeting to get over, daughter returns to mom and mom picks up her daughter and holds her as daughter rests on mom's shoulder.

I thought, what a perfect picture of independence for our relationship with God. The little girl was on her own but under the watchful eye of her mother. She was a distance away but in easy reach. She was able to come and go from mom, but mom was able to do the same and mom was always ready to receive her daughter. Finally, though mom was in a meeting with others, she never was distracted from the care of her daughter.

It was a perfect picture of independence that was under permission, under care, with and proximity to authority. 


Posted by Linda on November 11, 2012
Thank you Pastor for not missing a spiritual truth in midst of an ordinary occurrence and for sharing it with us. May we all see the spiritual nuggets the Lord puts in front of us if we just open our eyes .
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