Hebrews 12:28 starts out by saying, "Therefore let us be grateful...." Gratitude is such a powerful feeling, emotion, decision. Sadly, we all too often leave gratitude up to our feelings and emotions, which means gratitude will come and go in our lives, but when we make gratitude a decision it will appear regularly and precisely when we need it most.

Why am I bringing this up you might ask. Well as I was studying today in the Starbucks that my daughter, Abbey, works at, I would catch myself looking at her working away and feel a flood of gratitude to God for my daughter. Then that gratitude acted like a catalyst for me to think about my gratitude for my other two kids, Alec and Audrey. Then it flowed into gratitude for my wife, Annette, and on to my parents, and then onto my friends, and my past and where God has brought me to this day. WOW! Gratitude can be contagious! It can spread like wildfire if we let it. It can take over our thought life if we choose to think that way.

Gratitude can either flow from our emotions or we can decide to be grateful and let it flow to our emotions. One is more powerful and consistent than the other one. Guess which one is more powerful.



Posted by Toni on August 3, 2012
You're right! Whenever Javonna, Erik,, Dimitri or Grace mess up I look at where I was and where I am now. Over 30 years ago I was childless. The doctors told me I had very, very little chance of ever, ever having kids. God brought into my life some amazing cherubs (I keep confessing). I mean the DNA in each of my adopted children couldn't have been a closer match to the Jackson bloodline. Not to mention my stepchildren who are an equivelant match in the mix. Indeed God is good and I am forever grateful that I didn't give up on His promise that I, the barron women who couldn't have children, ended up with a quiver full. I'm with ya there. COuldn't be more grateful.
Posted by Patty Irish on August 2, 2012
WOW! So powerful! Gratitude for myself is something I practice and pray, pray about. Now it seems to come more natural for me. Giving thanks daily in my prayers about all I'm grateful for helps me feel more grateful.Express daily habit of expressing or writing down my gratitudes no mater how small they may be. If need be dig deep, breathing, having a heart, water, food. When I'm facing challanges I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn from it. Most things work out for the best. However there are times I have to make myself find things I'm grateful for when I'm in the midst of stressful challanges while praying about it. Being grateful we have a God and we have prayer with forgiveness should be enough for us all to be grateful for.
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