Grandpa Orville Larson, December 15, 1917 - January 21, 2013

I just want to write about the spiritual heritage my Grandpa Larson left me. As a young man he gave his heart to Christ but drifted from that relationship and some years later, while riding on a bus with a bunch of drunken soldiers (him included), one of them in their drunken state started to sing the hymn, "The Old Rugged Cross." Upon hearing it, he came under such conviction that he rededicated his life to Christ.

Later, as he started a family with my Grandma Lois, he opened his own auto-body business out of his garage. During this time he heard the call of God to preach the gospel. So, as a 40 year old
man, he closed his successful business and packed up his family and moved them all to Minneapolis, Minnesota to go to Bible school, while working full time to support his family.

Before he was finished with his schooling, he was asked to open a church that had closed in a town called Askov, some 2 hours away. So every Sunday he would throw the kids in the car and drive
the two hours and conduct services, and drive the 2 hours back. My mom, who was a teenager, would teach a kid’s Sunday School class in the furnace room. After he graduated, he moved the family closer to Askov but still had to work back in Minneapolis. So every Monday he would take the train to the big city and stay there on his own until Thursday, when he would return to his family and minister to his church over the weekend. He did this for a couple years.

He would later pastor 3 other churches in the cities of Morris, Spring Lake, and finally Red Wing, all in Minnesota.

There is something incredibly humbling when I consider the sacrifices my Grandpa and Grandma made to follow the will of God and preach the gospel. Because of sacrifices they made, I have
never had to sacrifice so much to have the privilege of preaching the Gospel. I truly believe foundations and reward for serving God are passed down to following generations in many tangible and intangible ways. It surely puts things in perspective and causes my present day complaints to be utterly ridiculous.

I think remembering those who have gone before us for the cause of Christ is a very important discipline.

Father God, I thank you for my Grandparents and rejoice that they are with you now in Heaven enjoying their great reward. 


Posted by Pennie Breadmore on January 25, 2013
Pastor Rollie - I took am thankful that you shared such a blessing with us. My heart and prayers are with your family as well. Since I didn't make the choice to serve God until this late age in life it truly is inspiring to me. My oldest was blessed with the opportunity to be married at Trinity when she and her husband weren't walking necessarily with God but both confessed there salvation. Now two years later I see what you are talking about as I see how God has drawn them in and they are now attending and seeking God more. I have two other children who do not choose to walk with God, but just like you shared... God's blessing will go down through the generations and I will humbly serve Him regardless with Thanksgiving for He has given life and that more abundantly. I will continue to pray that my children choose life as well. :) Thank you for sharing!!
Posted by Wendy Kittleson on January 24, 2013
Pastor Rollie, such a great tribute to your Grandpa. I too was blessed with Godly Grandparents, it is such a gift. Thank you for sharing your heart.
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