god is good

"For everything created by God is Good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving." 1Timothy 4:4
This is a great verse and in most of our daily lives it is not hard for us to accept this. Yet sometimes in the process of life, the things that God has created and given us, things that at one time caused us to rejoice and give thanks for, can, through circumstances, events or decisions, become something we regret or even despise. That which was once a gift can become a burden. That which was once prayed for can become something we now want to reject. That which we once celebrated, we now complain about.
We have to understand that EVERYTHING created by God is Good! To take that which is given by God and reject it, is to place ourselves in a position of continual unhappiness and strife. The signs that you are struggling with what God has given you are many, but here are just a few: Anxiety, Anger, a Critical Spirit, Instability, Weariness, and Indecisiveness. If we really thought about it, we could probably discover many more.
What are some of those "God blessings" that we turn into a curse? Spouses, Children, Employment, Talents, Gifting, Heritage, Calling, The roof over our head, etc. We can probably name some others as well.
Let me challenge you today to take an inventory of what God has placed in you and in your life and where you have departed from an attitude of thanksgiving. Repent of it and give thanks to God and watch contentment return to your heart and mind.


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