Our nine-person missions team, which includes my daughter Abbey, took off for Haiti today and in thinking about their journey, the word "GO" came to mind. The Gospel is all about "Going.” Actually I did a quick word search in the Bible regarding the word "GO" and discovered that it is used 1485 times in the Bible. A large number of those times the word is used pertaining to God commanding His people to GO in a new direction, GO to a person, GO to a people, GO to battle, GO and get something, etc.
"Going" is something that comes naturally to us as human beings. God put that curiosity in mankind. It has caused us to discover new lands, to go into outer space, to land on the moon, to go to new places, to take new jobs, "to go where no man has gone before" (sorry sappy Star Trek line for the sake of my Treky wife Annette). God has put in us a desire to discover and explore. He put that in us so that we would be predisposed to going where He wants us to go. Our trouble is we have a tendency to take that natural inclination that God put in us and use it only for ourselves and our desires.
I mentioned to Abbey today as I was driving her to the church to catch the van to the airport, that God was going to bless her for GOING to Haiti, for taking this time from her life and from her friends, with all the expense and giving it to God to bless some people she has never met. Why will God bless her and all those who went? Because it is precisely what God did for us. May we be open to letting God control more of our "GOING."
"GO therefore and make disciples of all nations....." Matthew 28:19
"And proclaim as you GO, saying, the kingdom of heaven is at hand." Matthew 10:7