getting unstuck

So today is sermon work day and blog writing day. Sermon is coming along fine, but when I took a break from sermon preparation to write my blog, I got nowhere - completely blank, stuck, nothing. So after sitting for 30 minutes or so and coming up with nothing, I saw a young soldier walk in my Starbucks. As soon as I saw him the thought crossed my mind to purchase his drink. I hesitated for a moment then approached him just after he placed his order. I said, "Do you mind if I buy your drink today?" With a shy smile he said, "Thank you." I then asked where he was from originally and he said Arizona. We joked a bit about the change in weather for him and then I said, “Have a Merry Christmas” and then we parted ways. As soon as I walked away I became aware of something. My blog writers block was gone! I knew immediately what I was going to write about - the soldier from Arizona. Then another thing crossed my mind. It is amazing how the act of giving can get us unstuck in a lot of ways in our lives. The act of giving has the power to move us. When we are stuck in hurt, we can get unstuck by giving forgiveness. When we are stuck in loneliness, we can get unstuck by giving friendship. When we are stuck in despair, we can get unstuck by serving others less fortunate, etc., etc.

Giving has the power to move us out of ruts, fear, anger, apathy, selfishness, want, materialism, pride, ungratefulness - you get the picture.

Go crazy today and give something away and see if something doesn't break loose in your life.