Friendship is not a new subject or a topic that is unfamiliar to us. But sometimes we need a new revelation of the familiar and known truths in our life so that we can appreciate them in a fresh new way.

Last Saturday I got a fresh revelation of how wonderful friendship is. My wife and I needed to move her Mom to a new room in the facility she lives in, and so Annette asked me to ask some guys to give us a hand. I immediately thought of my friends. Yes, friendship will get you an invitation every now and again to help someone move, or give a ride to the airport, or check on their animals, or pick up their mail, etc. These are the hazards of friendship. But I digress.

In the midst of the move, as we were carrying some items down a hallway, I was teasing my friend Bob about something and my friend Barry said, "Man Bob, he is hard on you." And I said, "Are you kidding me? Bob is one of my best friends." Then it hit me immediately, I could hear God whisper to me, "Yes, these two are your good friends and be thankful.” At that moment I felt God download in my heart the privilege it is to have so many good friends, the importance of friendships, the value of friendship, the qualities of friendship, and so much more.

I am grateful for my friends. So to all of you who I am privileged enough to call friend, thank You! 


Posted by shilo on June 1, 2012
yes, friends are one of the joys of this earth.But i have found it is the "unseen and unknown friends" that have the greatest impact.I firmly believe i am the daughter of God today because of believers prayers for the unsaved and the lost.My family was not christian, except a distant grandmother.Jesus grabbed me from the hell of satans slavery,(for one reason) because i was prayed for by those who loved me without even knowing me.Now that is a powerful friendship!God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son...that is a friendship beyond truely understanding so awesome is that love!While i apreciate my friends(very much), i try to reach out to be a friend to someone i dont know. I also pray for the lost and the unbelievers as i pass forward the grace, forgiveness and love that Jesus had and will always have for me.To me, anyone whom God sends to me in each day of my life, becomes my friend and my mission field for Jesus. God bless you pastor!
Posted by Jerry K on May 26, 2012
Great blog Pastor Rollie
Posted by Marguerite on May 24, 2012
Yes, you are blessed to have the two friends who helped you move your Mother in law. However you are my friend of mine too. The Word says "any friend of Jesus is a friend of mine" Sooooooo that means you are my friend.
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