father's day

It has been quite a spring in the Simmons’ household. This spring has marked some significant miles stones for our family:
My son, Alec, has celebrated his one-year wedding anniversary with his lovely wife, Allison, and graduates with his Master’s Degree in Education.
My daughter, Abbey, graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from PLU.
My daughter, Audrey, graduated from High School as well as completing her AA Degree from Pierce College.
Now believe it or not, I do not share that to brag. I share that as a point of reference for myself and Annette, to reflect on the faithfulness of God and that in spite of our weaknesses as parents, we did do something right occasionally.
Personally, I am generally a high-guilt retention person. I feel I could better write a "What Not to Do" parenting book as opposed to a "How to" parenting book. Yet I am so thankful this spring as I watch my kids graduate. As they move on with their lives, I look at them and smile and believe the very best for them, and feel a sense of satisfaction in their success.
I believe in general that dads feel a lot like I do. We are more aware of our weaknesses than our strengths. We look at our kids and see all their successes and abilities and wonder where they got them. We look at their struggles and take responsibility for it.
Today I just sit back and thank God for His faithfulness to me and my kids, and that he allowed me to do more right as a dad than I did wrong, and I am going to rest in that.
Happy Father’s Day out there and may you sit back, be grateful and rest in God's faithfulness to you as well.