father's day

We're approaching Father's Day, so it caused me to pause and think of the importance of fathers. More specifically my Dad, Ralph Simmons. As I sat and meditated and thought about my Dad, I was caused to reminisce about some of the moments of our life together. I remember how we used to wrestle and play football together when he still had to play on his knees. I remember how he loved to throw me into things, like a stack of leaves or any large body of water. Actually, I think I first learned to swim by being thrown in over my head and it was either try and swim or sink like a rock. (I think I remember my Mom not being impressed with him at that moment.) I remember him coaching my 6th grade basketball team. I remember helping him load our organ in the back of a truck every Sunday to take to a rented building to have church. I remember him playing along like he didn't know what was coming when I asked about his permission to go ahead and marry Annette. I remember a lot of those wonderful things. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all roses. I also remember some spankings, some chores, some decisions, and some discipline that weren't any fun at all.
I guess the point to all of this is to remember your Dad. As dads, they are by no means perfect but they are incredible influences in our lives. I realize that I am highly blessed as a son to have a Dad like my Dad. Not everybody has had the blessings of a present and loving Father. To those of you that have that story, my heart goes out to you, and I pray that God's promise to be a Father to the Fatherless will be felt by you.
May God bless all the dads this Father's Day!


Posted by Velvet on December 16, 2011
A wonderful job. Super hlepful information.
Posted by Blue on December 13, 2011
Thanks for your thoutghs. It's helped me a lot.
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