falling leaves

I love Fall. I love the weather cooling at night; I love the leaves turning bright colors; I love the freshness of the wind and the rain. But then it happens. It happens like it does every year. There comes a windstorm and one moment our trees are a flood of bright colorful leaves, and the next, the leaves are on the ground, blown into all different directions, gathering in corners and under bushes. What is left is a bare tree that is well on its way to Winter.

This part of Fall always makes me a little sad. Leafless, colorless trees don't have the same magnificence or beauty. But as we all know, it's all part of the process in the life of the tree. Annette and I have a tree in our backyard that we will soon go out and prune so that it can continue to grow in the manner we desire it to. I am sure the application to our lives is not lost on you, but a reminder doesn't hurt.

Our lives have several seasons. We go through multiple changes that include times when we experience "Spring",  when all seems to be bringing fresh life. Then there are the green, warm days of  "Summer", when all seems to be strong. "Fall" follows with the colors and changes of scenery that we so welcome. Finally comes "Winter", when all seems to be dormant and cold. Along with these changing seasons in our lives come storms that challenge us, and pruning that shapes us.

Outside it is Fall turning to Winter. For your life, it may be the same or some other very different season. Whatever season you are in, be assured it will change soon. It always does.


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