I know my faithful readers are well aware that I love the Fall season. I'm sure I have written about it and I know I have spoken publicly about it. I love it because I love the colors of Fall, I love the cool nights of Fall, I love the falling leaves of Fall, I love the sweatshirts and jackets that come with Fall, and of course I love the football that begins in the Fall.
But, today can I write to someone out there that might have had a tough Summer and needs things to change for them? In a spiritual look and application of the Fall let me attempt to encourage you. What I love abut the coming of Fall is how subtle but yet suddenly it comes. It was just a few days ago it was 94 degrees and the heat seemed unbearable but then I wake up one morning and I notice a cool breeze, a mist and dew on the ground that hints that a change of season is coming. Then, a couple days later I wake up and some trees that just a few days earlier were a solid green have a few leaves that have begun to change colors. And here in the Northwest where in the Fall you can still get some warm days, there always seems to be a cooling breeze reminding you that a change has come. One season is nearing it's end and another is right around the corner.
Friends, just as I have seen the signs of the end of one season and the beginning of another, may you as well begin to see this past season of struggle as drawing to a close and a new season right around the corner. It may be subtle changes, but then suddenly it will come and you feel a refreshing cool breeze letting you know Fall has come.