easter week

Easter week is upon us! Wahoo! We had a GREAT Palm Sunday and I am very excited for this coming week. I am praying that the Lord will bless us with over 700 in attendance and that we would see people come to church for the very first time. What an awesome opportunity this time of year is for us to get up the courage to invite people to join us for church. I am planning to stop by my favorite Starbucks with some of our Easter invitations and invite as many as I can to join us. One thing we know is that we will never know if someone will come unless we ask them.
We talked Sunday in regards to the Palm Sunday passage in Luke 19 when Jesus sent disciples on ahead and told them to retrieve a donkey that would be tied there and all they were supposed to say was that “the Lord has need of it.” The Lord has need of you my friend! Don’t let yourself be tied down to all the stuff of life, that you miss the opportunity to be used by Christ to share the Gospel.
Trinity Family, I think you are amazing and I love partnering with you.