I am so grateful for earphones. I love to sit and study while listening to worship music with my earphones in, as many of you know. But occasionally while studying at this Starbucks, I have to take my earphones out for one reason or another. Immediately I become aware of the conversations around me, when previously they were just people whose mouths were moving. It never ceases to amaze me as I have been in earshot of a variety of conversations involving different people, that so many of those conversations have one thing in common—NEGATIVITY! What is it about us that makes thinking negative and speaking negative about ourselves, others, circumstances, spouses, work and life in general so easy to do?

Oops! I just did it, didn't I? See how easy it is to slip into the negative. I heard negative conversations and immediately began to think negatively about the people and their words.


So I am going to put my earphones back in and simply say how grateful I am for Starbucks’ I’ve got a great seat facing the beautiful day outside. I am fortunate to have a profession that makes this part of my job. I have an awesome wife, great co-workers, three incredible kids, free refills with my Starbucks’ gold card, etc., etc. You get the point.


Think positive - LIFE IS GOOD!