I saw a little boy fall down. When he fell, he stayed there on the ground crying in the dust and mud. The Dad came over and picked him up and put him on his feet and immediately began to dust the little boy off. As I saw it, I had flashbacks to my kids when they fell down, got knocked down, fell off bikes and such, and I smiled. I remember picking them up and brushing the dirt off their clothes and hands and knees and face. One great memory was of my Dad playing football with my son in the backyard and hitting him so hard Alec got knocked into the bushes and could not be seen. Grandpa rushed over and pulled Alec out, brushed off his clothes, straightened his little helmet and went right back to playing.

I got to thinking how in life we fall down or get knocked down and our tendency is to stay on the ground waiting for someone to pick us up and dust us off. Sometimes we will get up but don't dust ourselves off.

It made me think of Isaiah 52:2 "Shake yourself from the dust and arise.."

There will not always be someone there to pick you up and dust you off. Life is very good at tripping us up and sending us face first into the mud and dust. Get up and shake the dust off. Shake off the offense. Shake off the shame. Shake off the embarrassment. Shake off the disappointment and walk on.

That little boy got back on his feet and he walked on and I didn't see him fall again. He will, I am sure, fall again. But right there it dawned on me, we too will fall again but thanks be to God that we spend more time on our feet then in the dust.

Shake it off today!