dirty relationships

Have you ever noticed the similarities that relationships have with dirt? The truth is that relationships really are dirty. Dirt can get messy; it can leave stains if it is not cleaned up correctly; it can find its way into the smallest places. When you add water to dirt, it becomes mud and you can get stuck in it. If you have enough, it can get real heavy.
On the other hand, it is impossible to grow anything beautiful without dirt. If you have enough dirt, it can support large structures and serve as a means of great support. I can still remember my Midwest days of the awesome smell of a freshly-plowed field and how, with the proper care, it can provide nourishment for so many. Dirt has the very power of life in it.
So, that is the "dirt on relationships." Ok, ok, not funny, but really - it comes down to how we handle the dirt of our relationships that will determine whether they are life-giving or simply annoying.
So how is your dirt doing?