Sit in any Starbucks for any length of time and you will see a host of different people come and go. For that matter, sit in a park, city bench or grocery store for any length of time and you will have the same experience. It is amazing how different we all are all from one another. The next thing I would observe is that we are all very aware of these differences and then consciously or unconsciously go about grouping ourselves around those we share the most in common with or are most alike.


We are in the middle of a series at church entitled #lovechurch. One of the things I love about our church is how very different we all are from one another. Apart from the church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ we would most likely not connect, relate, or get to know most of the people we come to know and love in the church. Left to our own devices we will gravitate to that which is common and comfortable for us.


There is something about the Gospel, the love of Jesus, and our love for Jesus that tears down those walls and opens the door for relationships that so enrich our lives. So, I have to ask you; Are you regularly attending church and find that you still only maintain relationships that fit your demographic or your style or normal circle? If so, I would challenge you to take advantage of one of the great attributes of church - the opportunity to break out of the normal confines of relationship and expand your relational connections with those you share nothing in common with except our awesome Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Expand your circle!


Posted by Rosie on February 22, 2014
I was an avid church attendee for my entire life loving everyone and really seeing no difference in people...then 4 years ago my son was killed and sudenly I had nothing in common with anybody. Yes my greif consumed me for over2 1/2 years and even though I can do more now I'm not the same as before. Now I not only see the difference but feel the difference in people. My demographic has changed yet my relationship with the Lord is still stronge. Yes the Lord can tear down walls of peoples hearts but the walls of wood and nails also need to be torn down, because the Lord is out here too. Its hard to break down those walls both coming in and4M going out.
Posted by Wendy on February 21, 2014
I am too thankful for all our differences, it's exciting & encouraging to be with such a mixture of people. So very thankful for this body. We love Jesus out loud (worship) we love others out loud (serving) we love follow God out loud (reading the Word & praying). #lovetrinitychurch, #blessedbigtime.
Posted by Christine on February 21, 2014
Well said.
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