So, I am sitting at my favorite Starbucks preparing Sunday's message and I am listening to worship music as loud as my ears can stand it(I can't seem to ever write anything if I am not singing while I write and occasionally air drumming with my pencils).  Anyway, this song comes on that grabs my attention and I have to repeat it over and over as I get lost in it's wonderful message. The song is called "Deliverer" by Matt Maher. You should all go look it up. I wanted to share a portion of the lyrics with you.

"O God, You're my Deliverer
the One, the One who carries us
The sinner that's inside of me,
has lost all his control of me
From the flood and from the fire
You brought me out
I am alive
with the faith just like a child
I'm not afraid
I'm running wild
for everything that will be done
I am Yours
And You are my Deliverer"

What an amazing thing when we are brought alive again to the amazing Love of God that sent Jesus to deliver us from all our sin.
When was the last time you became overwhelmed once again by the thought of your deliverance?

I hope you will look up that song and have a worship experience like I just did.

May God bless you today with the thought of your deliverance.