daylight saving time

This weekend is the end of Daylight Saving Time. Yes, I am excited about that; mainly because I get one extra hour on Saturday. I love looking at the clock throughout the day and saying to time, "Ha! You're wrong! I've got a whole 'nother hour!". Daylight saving time is a concept that has been around a long time. For the USA, it officially began in 1918. During WW1, Woodrow Wilson instituted it in order to reduce energy consumption by extending the daylight.

I wish we could randomly institute our own personal daylight saving times. You know, when you want a few extra hours of sleep, you could look at the clock and turn it back? Or, when you're behind on a project, you could look at the clock and say "You're wrong, I have 5 more hours". And you know the saying "Time flies when you're having fun"? How cool would it be to be able to turn back the clock and add more hours to the fun?

Well, the truth is we only get this one hour once a year to turn the clocks back and I plan to use my one hour well. The fact is we can't save time; all we can do is use it wisely because we all know time does truly fly.


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