comfort zone

What a great weekend we had last week as we assisted Hope City Church conduct their own Back to School Carnival. I really enjoyed watching that church seize on to something that was brand new to them. I enjoyed the time I spent with Pastor Brian Becker discussing the growth of this new church, which is just 18 months old. I enjoyed worshiping with them on Sunday as they met in Lane Middle School and conducted a worship service. I enjoyed visiting Hope City Church’s office, which is a second story one-room office where all their mid-week church activity gets accomplished, which includes staff meeting, leadership meeting, administrative work, Pastoral counseling, worship practice, etc.

The words "Comfort Zone" do not come into mind when I think of Hope City. Some other words for Comfort zone might be, "Apathy Zone", "Rut Zone", "Easy Zone," etc. I am sure you can think of a few other descriptions of "Comfort Zone."

The reality is that doing great things for God seldom fit into our comfort zone. Actually I don't recall God ever asking anyone in the Bible if they were comfortable with what He was asking them to do.

I pray that as we wrap up these summer months, we will be ready for our comfort zones to be threatened.



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