The definition of the circumstance is "A condition or fact that determines, or must be considered in the determining of, a course of action.” A simpler definition (which I like better - yes I am a simple guy) is "The sum of determining factors beyond our willful control."

Kind of sounds like a definition of our daily lives doesn't it? It does to me and I want to try harder to change that in my daily life.

When we live by our circumstances, the things out of our "willful control," we are often settling for what comes at us as our roadmap for life. It’s like driving without a destination in mind and waiting for the flow of traffic to determine your direction. Yes, when traffic is heavy, the "circumstances" can make getting to your destination a challenge; it can take you longer than you thought; it can cause you to have to take an alternate route, but you get there because you have a vision of where you are headed in your relationships, careers, callings, etc.

One of my biggest frustrations is watching people sniff the air of circumstances and declare that as God’s will. If the circumstances are too difficult, challenging, or painful, then it cannot be God. God's will is not circumstantial. Jeremiah 1:5 says this about us, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you." And 1 Peter 1:20 says this about Christ, "God chose Him as your Ransom long before the world began."

We should try to live with a stronger sense of destiny and determination than simply being shaped by circumstances, allowing the winds of life to direct us. Wind can blow a ship but that's why they have rudders and sails.

May God help us to live as people of destiny and vision.