christmas wonder

How many grown adults out there still feel a little twinge of excitement when you think about what could be in those presents wrapped beneath the tree that have your name on them? I have to confess that I still get impacted by the wonder of gift giving. This year, my wife and I have promised to substitute gifts for some big projects around the house that were costly. However, I have noticed a couple of packages being hurriedly shoved away so that I don’t see them. Even though I know we promised to suspend gift giving, I can’t help but have a little excitement over the fact that I think Annette has broken the promise and has gotten me something. I know I shouldn’t expect anything, but I also know my wife, she can’t help it. She will see something for me and will just have to get it.

So let me make a leap and apply this to the wonder of the love of God. I know He sent the Messiah to pay for my sins and is preparing a place for me in Heaven. I shouldn’t think that I should ever get anymore blessing from Him. That Gift was costly enough. But the wonder of Gods love is that He can’t help Himself but to continue to pour out His love on me.

I pray that you can awaken that wonder in your own life this Christmas.