Well Mothers Day is over. The card isle at your local store will have all the Mothers Day cards pulled and replaced with Fathers Day cards.  Flowers and candy will be less conspicuous and sadly just as all the Mothers Day paraphernalia will disappear so will a lot of the attention and affection we all endeavored to do our best to show.  It is amazing how we as human beings move on to the next thing and all too often back to a world that revolves primarily around ourselves and our own wants, needs and desires.
Today my daughters, my wife Annette and my sister Julie drove up to Seattle today and had lunch at the infamous Red Mill burgers. We had a great time driving up and talking, laughing and telling stories but the thing that struck me the most (besides the burgers) was the incredible variety and diversity of people, clothing, styles and interests that were all gathered around this little burger joint. Everybody there was ordering some variety of burgers with some combination of fries, onion ringers, milk shakes and soda or all of the above. We seem to go out of the way to try and highlight how different we are but at that burger joint we were all hungry people looking to enjoy some great greasy food with people we know and love.  What is so unique and different about that? I don’t know, I think we work to hard at seeking out our differences and exceptions as opposed to recognizing our similarities and common interests.
So all in all it was a great day together, however I am grateful the Red Mill is all the way up in Seattle or I would have a serious waistline issue and if you feel I already do please keep it to yourself.