blown away

The pictures of the tornado that ripped through Moore Oklahoma were frightening and unsettling to view. The video of one women standing amongst the rubble of her house and declaring, "It's all gone! It's all gone!" and she just kept repeating that phrase over and over again. It really is a humbling moment watching those pictures and realizing that all of the things that we strive to collect and possess can be gone in a moment—blown away.

In Matthew 7:25 Jesus tells a parable of two men, one who built his house on the sand and one who built upon the rock and he says, "And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the Rock." That was not the case for the man who had built upon the sand—the scriptures describe his house as ultimately being blown away.

I am certain that if all I owned were to be wiped out in a blink of an eye, that I too would stand amongst the rubble in shock and stammering for words to describe my loss. But I pray that I would soon remember that we are ultimately not living for these temporary structures that we value, but are called to eternal things that will outlast the winds of this world.

May we establish ourselves and our family and our friends on the Rock that is Jesus Christ. 


Posted by Pennie Breadmore on May 25, 2013
Hi Pastor Rollie this was a great blog. Yes what happened in OK was frightening, but it also reminded me that fear can sometimes come upon us when our lives are turned upside down too. I have found that here in New Mexico they have very strong winds most days in the late afternoon. The thing is I am always doing fine throughout the day but once the winds start blowing something happens: I begin to feel ill, allergies like never before... but the point of it is that when the winds blow I lose my focus and my thought process gets clouded because I am miserable. In the midst of all of that happening... it truly helps to have people around you who have the same beliefs or values... religous views... so that they can help you get through these tough blows... be it short term or long term... but either way I have found that as soon as I can get my eyes and my focus back on the truth... on Jesus... He is my healer.. He is my comforter... He is the restorer. I pray that those in OK have believers come alongside them to help guide them in the midst of the shock of losing "things" (no matter the earthly value) ... and that they are able to refocus and seek Jesus... the only valuable and eternal thing that matters... as they seek HIM then He can begin to be their restorer...
Posted by Consuella Evans on May 24, 2013
Good word Pastor Rollie! Thank you for the reminder to focus on things eternal. So many times we forget and it's so easy and comfortable to stay in the flesh and we lose sight of the big picture which is Jesus.
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