Greetings to my six blog readers!! I know; I know I would have more readers if I were to write more regularly.
Well, my faithful six readers, I am going to try and implement a new blog plan. When I started this blog writing, I endeavored to try and be clever and unique in my thoughts. WHAT I HAVE DISCOVERED IS THAT I AM NOT CLEVER! So what I am going to attempt to do, as I rededicate myself to this blog, is to write my reactions and observations of our Sunday experience every Sunday night or Monday morning. You know, attempt to give a little inside view, or post-game rundown, of what I felt like God did in and through us as we met to worship and hear from Him. I will try not to be preachy or churchy, or in some cases grouchy.
Check back Monday afternoon to see how successful I am in my blog re-launch plan.