birthday cake

While at church today I got invited into our Thursday afternoon ladies Bible study to sing happy birthday to one of our ladies in the group. As a matter of fact, the whole staff was invited in and we all sang happy birthday, then we cut the cake, and we all enjoyed it together. Then it was back to work.

What is it about a birthday cake and some lit candles that just brings everyone together and puts a smile on everyone’s face? Is it the cake? That would be enough for some I am sure.

Is it the candles? I don't think so. Is it everyone singing the happy birthday song? Not with the way most of us sing. And I don't think it is really about someone having a birthday. I think it is the friendship and the relationships in the room that ultimately puts a smile on people’s faces. I think the cake and candles are just an excuse to put a big goofy smile on our faces. I think we need to have more "birthday cake" moments.


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