being there

My son and I just returned last weekend from fulfilling a life long dream trip. It was a "Bucket List" kind of thing. My wife Annette flew us back to Ann Arbor, Michigan to attend a University of Michigan Wolverines football game in the "Big House" which is what they call the stadium there as it is the largest stadium in America.

It was an awesome experience to be able to be there. There were over 109,000 people jammed into that place. The sights, the sounds, the colors, the enormity of it all did not disappoint. Of course, I have been watching Michigan play football on T.V. since I was just a kid. But believe me, there is no way that watching it on TV is anything at all like being there.

So it is with most things in life. Photos, videos, live streaming, Skype etc. are definitely helpful forms of experiencing things but they can never substitute for being there.  In our ever more busy and hectic world we often have to settle for one of the substitutes for being there but we also must discipline ourselves to do what we can to "be there". Where ever "there" is for you, I encourage you to make plans, set your schedule, and make the sacrifice necessary to be present.