This week I took a day off, picked up my son Alec and we went up to Seattle to watch the Mariners play. It was a day game starting at 12:40pm which was kind of special because there are only about 3 of those a season.
   However, the day did not go as planned. We thought we had plenty of time to get to the game but we got stuck in a traffic jam within a mile of the stadium. I guess there were a few others that thought going to the game would be fun too. We actually drove right by the stadium but we couldn't find anywhere to park other than one lot open for $60 a spot. So, Alec and I spent the next 45 minutes driving away from the stadium until we finally found a spot for $15 about 2 miles away from the stadium. When we finally got to our seat it was the end of the third inning and the Mariners were already losing. *Sigh*
  Well, the Mariners did go on to lose the game and then we had the 2 mile walk back to the car followed by another traffic jam getting back home. Tough day, right? Kind of a bummer? No way! You see, even though nothing went as planned and we experienced frustrations, I was spending the day with my son. Being with him made it all a funny adventure. 
   We struggle sometimes in life because we miss the purpose for what we are experiencing. The day's purpose for me was not a baseball game; it was spending time with Alec. The purpose of the day was fulfilled and worth it all. 
   Look for the purpose and enjoy the journey.