Annette and I were driving over to speak at youth camp this past weekend. As we got over the pass and came down the other side, suddenly traffic slowed down to a snail’s pace. Due to construction, there were barriers up causing all of the traffic to be funneled into one lane. Now I understand that we all need boundaries, but these were barriers.

Barriers are meant to restrict, to keep in, to keep out, and to separate. I think we are living in a society that seems committed to giving people specific identities and putting them in certain categories or groups.  This creates barriers that restrict us from busting out of our lane and relating to one another. Jesus didn’t allow anyone to put him into a box. He defied the categories and barriers that the systems of the world had put up. He was told, “You can’t do that;” “You can’t talk to those people;” “You can’t go there.” Jesus broke through all of those barriers- for the sake of love. The world wants us to stay in the categories that have been assigned to us. For the sake of loving others, we must burst through those barriers.

May the Lord help us to build bridges rather than barriers.