back to school

It is back to school season. I see all over social media pictures of kids of all ages all dressed up in their new clothes and fresh haircuts standing outside their front door or in a classroom and it makes me smile. I loved back to school days when my kids were in school and not because Summer was over and they would be out of the house, but because I loved the excitement and adventure of it. I loved going shopping for school supplies with them and I loved going to the outlet mall in North Bend to get them some new things.  I loved back to school days!
There's a side of it that I don't like so much though. Back to school now seems to mean that there is a life lesson, a leadership lesson, a relationship lesson, or a discipline lesson that generally carries some level of pain and disruption to the status quo. I love status quo, especially when it allows me to stay blind to areas of my life that should change or be addressed.
So, as the kids head back to school maybe we adults should be open to going back to school as well, whether we like it or not.