all things new

I was sitting and studying for Sunday today in one of my favorite Starbucks. As I was sitting there with my headphones on listening to worship music, a couple came in and sat down fairly close to where I was and I could tell they were having a very sad or difficult conversation. The women was wiping tears away as they talked and the guy was listening and holding her hands. As they were conversing, the song “All Things New” came on over my headphones and it reminded me that we live in a world with a lot of brokenness. Now, I don’t know what the couple was conversing about, but my heart went out to them and I prayed that Jesus would draw close to them. There is a line in the chorus of the song that I prayed over them and over you today if your are in the midst of difficult circumstances. It goes like this, "When I'm shattered you rebuild me, when I'm broken you will heal me, when all hope is gone you restore my soul".
I pray today that you will know Jesus to be your rebuilder and your healer.