a great life!

Time + Love + Gratitude = a great life!
That was the winning formula that came to my mind after visiting my dear friend, Pete, in the hospital yesterday. Pete is going through some large trials right now physically and, as I sat and chatted with him about his 80+ year life, we came to the subject of his beautiful wife and partner, Connie. He just could not stop talking about how amazing she is and how many great years (54 to be exact) they have enjoyed, and how thankful he was to have married her so many years before. What struck me was that even though he wasn't having the easiest time of it that day, the conversation about Connie caused Pete to brighten up, and it was as if he got stronger the more we talked about the great times he and Connie have enjoyed. Don't get me wrong, they have not had a life without trials; they've had difficulties like any of us do, but what I saw in Pete is the same thing I've seen dozens of times before - Time + Love + Gratitude = a great life.
The reality is, the one ingredient in that formula that is out of our control is Time. I can do nothing about Time but use what I have of it properly. Love and Gratitude however are all about my decisions, and those will help shape the quality of my life no matter how long it is. Time is ticking, so add some love and gratitude today.